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Alveus Pharmaceuticals is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) offers custom synthesis services for the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology industries, research institutes and Universities for their drug discovery research and development process. Alveus specializes in custom synthesis of reference, novel small molecule compounds. Alveus dedicated and experienced team of scientists specialized in early stage drug discovery, Medicinal and Organic Chemistry disciplines can provide services in the areas of hit identification
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Custom Synthesis
Alveus experienced organic chemists are experts in synthetic method development of known and novel compounds. Our in-house process chemists design and develop scalable process from milligram to kilo quantities. Alveus undertakes both project or FTE based services and can serve as your off-site Chemistry laboratory.
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Medicinal Chemistry
Alveus experienced medicinal chemists provide lead generation and lead optimization services. We develop SAR using our in-house expertise and will collaborate with client medicinal chemists. Alveus team specialized in design and synthesis of highly diverse, unique scaffolds, novel fragments and target molecules for SAR studies.
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Discovery Services
Alveus Scientists possess track record of experience in delivering novel lead series on a range of therapeutic areas. Rational design and synthesis of NCEs, quickly explore the SAR, improve potency, selectivity and simultaneously address the drug-like criteria are the key to Alveus program.
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