Building Blocks
Alveus experienced medicinal chemists are experts in lead generation and lead optimization. We develop SAR using our in-house expertise and will collaborate with client medicinal chemists. Alveus team specialized in design and synthesis of highly diverse, unique scaffolds, novel fragments and target molecules for SAR studies.
Alveus experienced organic chemists are experts in synthetic method development of known and novel compounds. Our in-house process chemist design and develop scalable process for kilo batch production. We provide services for polymorph and salt screening.

Alveus experienced chemists capable of providing services in the synthesis of diverse heterocyclic compounds but also experties in delivering the unique Nucleosides, modified bases, sugars, and modified/stable siRNA sequences, chimeric DNA/RNA oligos, focused off the shelf chemicals and reagents for Nucleic acid and also Peptido-mimetic library synthesis.
Alveus Medicinal Chemistry Services Include:
Design and synthesis of NCEs as Protein Kinase inhibitors as per client proposed structures.
Focused library synthesis for Protein Kinase, GPCR, and Ion-Channel and Protease targets.
Leads-to-focused library design and synthesis.
FTE or project-based services.

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