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Alveus Pharmaceuticals is a private limited company incorporated on October 16th 2009 under the Companies Act, 1956 (No. 1 of 1956) by a successful entrepreneurs and scientists with doctoral, business administration qualifications and a track record of experience in drug discovery, development and into first in human clinical trial stage levels.

Alveus pharmaceuticals is a Hyderabad based Indian CRO company dedicated to supporting chemistry research efforts in custom synthesis, process development, route scouting and selection, scale-up optimization, specialty chemicals, bulk intermediates, diverse, focused fragments, key-scaffolds, building blocks, nucleoside libraries, modified nucleosides of phosphoramidite nature, new chemical entities design/synthesis and development services.

Alveus is providing synthetic, medicinal and computational chemistry services, custom synthesis, library design, lead identification and lead optimization services. Alveus team has years of experience in the field of heterocyclic/organic/medicinal and computational chemistry areas and expertise in in-silico structure and fragment-based design methods to provide and support the client requested services.

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