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Alveus is dedicated to supporting chemistry research efforts in custom synthesis, process development, route scouting and selection, scale-up optimization, specialty chemicals, bulk intermediates, diverse, focused fragments, key-scaffolds, building blocks, nucleoside libraries, modified nucleosides of phosphoramidite nature, new chemical entities design/synthesis and development services.

Alveus experienced organic chemists are experts in synthetic method development of known and novel compounds. Our in-house process chemist design and develop scalable process for kilo batch production. We provide services for polymorph and salt screening.

Alveus experienced chemists capable of providing services in the synthesis of diverse heterocyclic compounds but also experties in delivering the unique Nucleosides, modified bases, sugars, and modified/stable siRNA sequences, chimeric DNA/RNA oligos, focused off-the-shelf chemicals and reagents for Nucleic acid and also Peptido-mimetic library synthesis
Alveus Custom Synthesis Services Include:
Multi-step synthesis from mg, gram to kilo gram quantities.
FTE or project-based services.
Reference compounds and pre-clinical/clinical metabolites synthesis.
Preparation of key intermediates, scaffolds/building blocks, starting materials, intermediates for further derivatization and preparation of final targets.
New synthesis routes/optimization for leads and pre-clinical leads and IND ready candidates.
Process development and synthetic route scouting and route selection.
Multi-gram to kilo-scale synthesis of non GMP material for pre-clinical/toxicology and or pre-IND enabling studies.
Combinatorial chemistry, peptidomimetic libraries, chiral synthesis and preparation of stable isotopes.
Modified nucleosides and phosphoramidite synthesis.
Lead candidate prodrug synthesis.
Prodrug synthesis.
Alveus chemists are capable of handling and performing variety of reactions some of them included here but not limited to these reactions.
Palladium-catalyzed Suzuki cross coupling between organoboronic acid and halides. Synthesis of various boronic acids and esters.
Grignard Reaction with the addition of an organomagnesium halide to a ketone or aldehyde.
We can handle any low temperature reactions using n-BuLi, sec-BuLi, LDA and LHMDS etc.
Heck type palladium-catalyzed C-C coupling of aryl halides or vinyl halides and activated alkenes and Buchwald-Hartwig Cross Coupling Reaction.
We can work with Chlorine, HCl gases, fluorinating agents, pressure, hydrogenations, Grignard, Wittig and most of the oxidation reactions.
Cross metathesis, conversion of primary and secondary alcohols to esters, phenyl ethers, and thioethers etc.


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